New battery based on flow is safeguard for your power supply

Independent scaling of power (kW) and capacity (kWh) is simple

Pinflow energy storage brings solution for stationary applications

Independent power and capacity according to requirements

When compared to conventional batteries, the power of flow battery is not directly coupled to the capacity which enables to tailor the battery parameters according to your needs.

Safe and environmentally friendly

Non-explosive and non-flammable solution due to the use of aqueous electrolytes. Our electrolytes do not contain heavy metals and are fully recyclable and reusable for energy storage.

Excellent durability and cycleability

Up to 100% depth of discharge without long-term capacity decay. Based on accelerated testing, the durability of >15000 full charge-discharge cycles is expected (corresponding to >25 years lifetime).

Strong and robust

Possibility to overload (long-term) the system by up to 250 % without affecting the battery life. Total discharge without signs of degradation while operates in wide range of temperatures.

Low maintenance requirements

The whole system is remotely monitored and requires only minimal maintenance, servicing of installed systems is therefore significantly reduced.

Cheaper capacity than power

Low cost storage when related to the capacity and lifetime. LCOE are enhanced by high efficiency of our battery stacks.